5. Lux Winter Cup 2016/2017 (LWC 2016/2017)


LWC is a winter- indoor- tournament, which is going to take place during 4 weekends.

Dates: 12/13th November 2016, 10/11th December 2016, 14/15th January 2017, 11/12th February 2017 – Organisation HSV Beetebuerg

The venue is the agility hall in Bettembourg where the floor consists of artificial turf; the same as at the Agility World Championship in France.

140 Large, 30 Small and 30 Medium dogs are allowed to compete.

The registration starts on the .24st July 2016. All registrations are to be sent to:



The confirmation is carried out just after the closing date (18th September 2016).


PRIZE:  90 €


IBAN LU661111038998040000



Dogs of classes large, medium and small dogs are allowed to start. Due to organisational reasons the Oldies class is not permitted. If the maximum number of teams is not reached, it is possible to register for separate weekends, at the prize of 24€ per weekend.

Program of each weekend:

1st day: Open Jumping and Agility 1, 2, 3

2nd day: Open Agility and Jumping 1, 2, 3

The 20 top-ranked teams of Jumping Open and Agility Open Large as well as the 5 top-ranked teams in classes Small and Medium, will score (only the starters who participate all steps!). The overall ranking after the 4 competitions shows the winner of the LWC 2013 in the different classes.